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About me

I was born in Igarapé-Miri and raised in Barcarena, two cities of Pará, in the north of Brazil. I have lived in Igarapé-Miri, Barcarena, Belém, São José dos Campos, Rome, Commerce and Bogotá. Currently, I am living in São Paulo.

Here you can find my photos around of the world.

I am a theoretical physicist with interest in nuclear and relativistic astrophysics, gravitation and cosmology, my research focuses on the theoretical exploration of the properties of strongly interacting matter at ultra-high densities and temperatures, structure and evolution of compact stars (white dwarfs, neutron stars, pulsars, magnetars, quarks stars), supernovae, wormholes, emission mechanisms (electromagnetic and gravitational) of white dwarfs and neutron stars, ultrastrong electromagnetic fields (production of X and gamma rays), cosmic rays, higher-dimensional and alternatives theories of gravity.​ More information about my academic life you can find in my Researchgate, Curriculum Vitae or Currículo Lattes (in Portuguese). My up to date publication list can be found on the Inspirehep database and also on Google Scholar.
In 2019, I completed my PhD at the Aeronautics Institute of Technology in Nuclear Physics under supervision of Manuel Malheiro and in Relativistic Astrophysics at the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network under supervision of Jorge Rueda.
From 2019 to 2021 I was a post-doctoral fellow at Texas A&M University at Commerce, working with Carlos Bertulani and from 2021-2023 at University of the Andes working with Neelima Kelkar and Marek Nowakowski.

I maintain a Theoretical Physics Reference guide which is based on "How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist "by Gerard 't Hooft and a Data Science Reference guide for data science, machine learning, big data and related stuff.

Since 2008 I use GNU/Linux, starting with Mandriva Linux and experimenting with UbuntuSlackwareFedoraDebian, from 2014 to 2023 I have used Arch Linux, due to its principles. I do like to maintain a minimum system, here a list of software package that I use to do research in computational physics/astrophysics/data science and everything else. Since 2023 I have been using Gentoo, a highly flexible, source-based Linux distribution. Since it appeals to Linux users who want a full control of the software that is installed and running on their compute, it requires time to configure and tune, so I recomend Arch as an out-of-the-box experience..

I like history of natural sciences, how the development went from ancient times to present, and also scientific genealogy (in special physics and mathematics).

Academic genealogy

Academic genealogy 1: ... → Adam Sedgwick → William Hopkins → Francis Galton → Karl Pearson → John Wishart → M. S. Bartlett → Alladi Ramakrishnan → A. P. Balachandran → Paulo Teotonio-Sobrinho → Andrey Martins.

Academic genealogy 2: ... → Friedrich Leibniz → Jakob Thomasius → Otto Mencke → Johann Christoph Wichmannshausen → Christian August Hausen → Abraham Gotthelf Kästner → Bernhard Friedrich Thibaut → Christoph Gudermann → Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstraß → Carl David Tolmé Runge → Max Born⊗.
... → Christoph Friedrich Haase → Christian Gottlieb Ludwig → Johann Carl Gehler → Abraham Gottlob Werner → Carl Friedrich Christian Mohs → Josef Redtenbacher → Károly Than → Gusztav Buchböck → Michael Polanyi → Eugene (Jenó) Paul (Pál) Wigner♦.
⊗Max Born/♦Eugene (Jenó) Paul (Pál) Wigner → Viktor Frederick Weisskopf → Arthur Kent Kerman → A. F. R. de Toledo Piza → Maria Carolina Nemes → Manuel Malheiro.

Academic genealogy 3: ⊗Max Born → Pascual Jordan → Remo Ruffini → Jorge Rueda.

Academic genealogy 4: ... → (Joseph Louis Lagrange/Pierre-Simon Laplace → Siméon-Denis Poisson)/(Josehph Louis Lagrange → Jean-Batiste Joseph Fourier) → Gustav Dirichlet/(Martin Ohm) → Rudolf Lipschitz⊕.
... → Johann Bode/Abraham Gotthelf Kästner → Johann Friedrich Ptaff → Carl Gauβ (Gauss); → Christian Ludwig Gerling → Julius Plücker♠.
⊕Rudolf Lipschitz/♠Julius Plücker → Felix Klein → Ferdinand von Lindemann → Arnold Sommerfeld☉/⊗Max Born → Wolfgang Ernst Pauli★.
☉Arnold Sommerfeld → Peter J. W. Debye → Paul Scherrer♣.
★Wolfgang Ernst Pauli/♣Paul Scherrer → Kurt Alder → Gerhard Baur → Carlos Bertulani.

Erdős number:

My Erdős number is 5. Paul Erdős → Bahman Saffari → Rémi Vaillancourt → Boris A. Malomed → Rafael A. C. Correa → Ronaldo V. Lobato

About life, our importance, politics and philosophy

In my life, I am going by my self-rules.

About our importance in the Universe: "On the scale of worlds, humans are inconsequential, a thin film of life on an obscure and solitary lump of rock and metal." Carl Sagan, speech at Cornell University, October 13, 1994.

About politics: "A dispute of Interests masked as a contest of principles. Conducting public affairs to private advantage."

Here you can find my personal blog (mostly in Portuguese) where I stole some ideas ;-p

I maintain broad interests in philosophy, I advocate the Stoicism, a school of Hellenistic philosophy that flourished throughout the Roman and Greek. I also follow theses: Utilitarianism, Philosophy of the GNU Project, Unix philosophy, Eric's Random Writings, Voltaire and the great speech that I heard is that.

I am against SPAM (“Unsolicited Commercial Email”, UCE; and/or “Unsolicited Bulk Email”, UBE) (you can use a computer program for e-mail spam filtering) and support widespread use of strong cryptography for privacy, and encourage you to use GnuPG encryption with this key (GnuPG 4096 RSAv2 key: UID: 0x7E8BF5C5) when sending me emails. "Privacy isn't about hiding bad things. It's about protecting what makes us humans: our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities. Everyone deserves privacy online." ”Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” Beware privacy/security is inversely proportional to convenience.

You can message/audio-video call me in an end-to-end encrypted (e2ee) chat/audio-video call on Jami, this is completely peer-to-peer (p2p) and doesn't require any server for relaying data between users, i.e., one can find others through a distributed computing network and talk directly without a third party, leaving the power of privacy and freedom in the hands of users. I highly recommend this distributed (C) service, since there are multiple pathways for communication, the loss of any participant/internet will not prevent communication; I also recommend Matrix, which is an open network for secure (e2ee) and decentralized (B) communication, a decentralized network is much like the web or email, there is no central point of control or authority. A company or person can simply host its own server and participate in the network; to connect to the Matrix federation, you will use a client, one of the most popular is element. Other decentralized (B) service that I recommend to communication/message/audio-video is XMPP messaging network, one can create an account with a service provider, such as the curated list of XMPP Providers and connect using a client. You can also use Signal, however this is a centralized (A) service (e2ee), i.e., just one server, it is susceptible to outages or policy/ownership which can change easily.

Paul Baran’s three topologies of networks: centralized, decentralized, distributed.

Please message/email me if you find any broken links or other errors on this site. Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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Signal: ronaldo.99

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